Crossing Guard (patent pending) Product

Crossing Guard Product

Crossing Guard monitors a definable detection area with adjustable sensors that detect the presence of two motions; even if a person is standing still the Crossing Guard sensors will detect that individual. Once two motions have been detected within the area, audible and visual alarms will communicate to all parties of a potential collision. 

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Features and Benefits

  • Crossing Guard monitors high potential collision areas with fully adjustable sensors.  Sensors communicate to a micro-processor when a motion is detected; once a second motion is detected alarms are activated. Crossing Guard will not activate until the second motion is detected, reducing nuisance alarms which will improve effectiveness.
  • Crossing Guard utilizes different sets of sensors to monitor work areas.  where infrared sensors may be impractical, a weight sensitive sensor option can be used in drop-off and pick-up areas. The combination of these sensors assures the work area is correctly monitored.
  • Crossing Guard will auto-reset.  This addresses the potential of pedestrians or forklifts turning around in and out of the Crossing Guard area.
  • Crossing Guard is powered by eco-friendly solar powered technology which picks up energy from existing lighting and trickle-charges a rechargeable, low voltage DC battery.  No hard wiring is required.  No approvals are needed.  Crossing Guard can also be plugged into a low voltage DC power source.
  • The Crossing Guard micro-processor can collect and save sensor activities, aiding the investigation of an occurrence. Findings may result in additional training, changes in procedure, and even a rearrangement of stored product to reduce collision potential.
  • Easily installed and relocated, with optional mounting on wall, ceiling, span or racking.

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