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Fork Lift Collision Occurrences

Pedestrian Forkift SafetyStrategies have been developed to reduce the risk of collision between materials handling equipment, or between material handling equipment and pedestrians. The most common approaches to intersection or blind corner safety include the use of mirrors and the practice of speed reduction or stopping in conjunction with honking of horns. At a design level, some modern facilities have separate doors for personnel and material handling equipment to reduce the risk of collision.

While thousands of accidents are reported annually, many are not, especially near misses.

Unfortunately, accidents usually are only reported if the person dies or sustains substantial injuries

Even with continuous training efforts of forklift manufactures, other safety products and OSHA which have driven a much higher level of collision awareness. Yet an unacceptable amount of accidents and fatalities still occur each year.

Pallet Company Fined

NEWMARKET, Ontario—A pallet company was convicted of two violations of the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act after a worker was injured on the job.

The pallet manufacturing and repair company Woodbridge Pallet Ltd was fined $50,000 (plus an additional 25% victim fine surcharge which is mandated by the government) in relation to a July forklift accident. An employee had been painting pallets in the paint department. He needed more paint, so he left the department and crossed the shop floor where he was hit by a counter-balance forklift carrying a load of pallets. He suffered leg and arm injuries.




Jury Awards Almost $20 Million Dollars After Forklift Backs over Worker

August 17, 2011

A forty-three year old construction worker in Nevada was working on a construction site when he was backed into by a fourteen thousand-pound rough terrain forklift. He was pinned beneath one of its wheels. The entire forklift then rolled back over his body. As a result, the worker experienced multiple severe injuries, which included a crush injury requiring amputation of his right leg at the knee, removal of his spleen, and a traumatic brain injury. He is required to wear a leg prosthesis, and will likely require additional surgeries to repair bony protrusions at the amputation site.

Worker Dies after Being Hit by Forklift

November, 2010

Authorities say a 52-year-old Michigan woman has died after being struck by a forklift while working at a recycling center in Isabella County.

The sheriff’s department tells the Morning Sun of Mount Pleasant and The Saginaw News that ------- of St. Louis died Tuesday morning after being struck around midday Monday in Union Township.

The department said the employee was hit by a forklift driven by a co-worker, who was transporting a large recycling bin.

Worker Dies in Friday Mill Accident

The 55-year-old Kennesaw man involved in a Friday on-the-job incident at ------ Cartersville steel mill, died from multiple blunt force traumas.

Bartow County Deputy Coroner  said --------, an engineer with the company since at least 2006, was overrun by a forklift. In a Friday phone interview, -------- director of external communications and public affairs indicated the man was "struck by a piece of heavy, mobile equipment. The forklift driver was not injured.

Worker Dies in Crawfordsville Factory Accident

Was Struck By Forklift, Authorities Say

CRAWFORDSVILLE, Ind. -- A man working at a Crawfordsville factory died Tuesday after he was struck by a forklift, authorities said.

The incident happened just after 11 a.m. at ------- Steel.

Worker Struck by Forklift Files Lawsuit Against Employer

November 2010

A man who worked for - - - Packing Incorporated, a frozen food packaging warehouse, is filing a workplace injury lawsuit against the company, reports the Southeast Texas Record.

The claims state that while he was performing his normal duties, a co-worker struck him with a forklift carrying ice, injuring him. --- packing allegedly failed to give him a safe work environment and proper supervision.

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